Photography tips: How to get natural and relaxed photos

From my personal practice I can say that photographers often underestimate the power of icebreaking conversations and little bit of childish fun. Photographers want to get their job done quickly and on time and work on pretty rigid schedule, but as a customer I have experienced that:

  • Letting to take portraits and photos by person you don’t know and don’t trust can become very intimidating
  • If you are not connected to photographer, the photos will turn out unnatural, too posed and artificial
  • The experience of photo shoot itself can become uncomfortable and unpleasant

I learned as a photographer that you need this extra time to get to know your customers and you can’t really measure that extra time with dollar value. As a photographer to open up characters I do recommend:

  • Ask meaningful questions and make genuine compliments
  • Be silly, natural, relaxed and tell funny things from your own life (but not overtake the conversations!)
  • See things from various perspectives and angles, give people choices and options and let them take part of decision-making process (Shall we do from that angle or you would prefer…?)

Here are some photos from that photo shoot and some questions to think of:

Can you spot fun and warmth on these photos?

Do you feel emotions these people experienced?

Can you see that they feel comfortable with me and not intimated by me?

If mostly yes, I can rate my work with “succeeded” :)

Family photo with grown up children Family photo with grown up children Family photo shoot at the park with grown up children Happy couple photo shoot at the park Portrait of female Portrait of mother Portrait of woman Portrait of man Family photo at the tree Family photo shoot at the park