Triin-Liis, Kuno and Bandit together on the beach

It was a pretty hot day.  Almost no wind, waves or clouds, just hot sand, bright sun and this awesome trio we worked with.  My mum wanted to come with me as my assistant and help with general duties like holding camera bag or giving me sips of water during the photo session.  Mums love to help their kids, don’t they?

It was very easy and pleasurable to take photos of Triin-Liis, Kuno and Bandit. Firstly they are easy-going and not fussy folks, secondly they are natural posers and thirdly there is so much beauty and love in this family of three.  Just seeing a dog being a dog filled all of us with happiness: running around on the grass, bringing some newly-met friends to us, digging up the sand and catching the waves! That’s how everyone’s day should look like!

It was such a fantastic time by the ocean. Thank you, guys! I could not even remember that I was actually working.

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