Triin, Tarmo and little Annabel are hiding between olive trees

I have known Triin for a very long time. She is very skillful, emotional and clever girl.  We have celebrated so many events together. All these birthdays, graduations, break-ups, wedding, births! Even though we have lived on different continents for some time now, I still feel deeply connected to her and I was very happy to hear her announcement that she is coming to Australia for a vacation.

We spent lots of quality time together, her daughter learned how to swim here in Australia, our husbands got to know each other a little better and my boys shared hours of play with Annabel.

On the way back from our trip to Kalbarri we stayed in an olive farm where I had a mini photo session with Triin, Tarmo and Annabel. This photo session was so much fun and was only possible under the shade of olive trees as it was around 40 degrees  in the sun and my dear Estonian friends were not quite ready for the full-on Australian summer.  Perfect natural light, Western Australian flies, well-rested and happy-go-lucky models made this session very special!

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